Links: 14-03-2007

  • BBC News: Electronic count is 'way forward'
    Northern Ireland's chief electoral officer, Douglas Bain, has said that he hopes to introduce electronic counting to speed up his counts. For Mr Bain this May's Scottish elections, with nation-wide e-counting, will be the litmus test.

  • OSCE: Election observer report on Dutch Parliamentary Elections, November 2006
    The Dutch elections in November 2006 were the first following 'We Don't Trust Voting Computers' demonstrations of the serious vulnerabilities in Nedap voting machines. The OSCE 'Election Assessment Mission Report' provides interesting reading including unusually strong words about the inappropriate secrecy and inadequate testing of e-voting systems.

  • DCA: CORE – Response to Consultation
    I've been sitting on this one for a while but I've now finally had time to read most of it. The Co-ordinated Online Record of Electors (CORE) is interesting for many reasons but when it comes to e-voting, two in particular: Firstly CORE will provide for a national electoral register database which the government explicitly lists as enabling e-voting in the future. Secondly the key data format for CORE will be Election Markup Language (EML). My paper on EML's development can be read here.