Links: 28-02-2007

  • Dutch e-voting software provider holds elections to ransom asking for anti e-voting campaigner to be arrested
    Freedom of Information releases in The Netherlands have revealed bizarre demands and letters from Jan Groenendaal whose company writes the software that runs the software used for all Dutch Nedap machine based elections. Groenendaal also tries to force the Dutch government to buy his company and spouts of against the Irish Independent Commission on Electronic Voting. Very worrying behaviour by a key supplier.

  • House of Commons debate on the Electoral System – 26/2/07
    As part of a Westminster opposition day when the Conservatives could set the agenda, the electoral system came under fierce debate. Many excellent points made by Oliver Heald (Con), Simon Hughes (LD), David Wilshire (Con) and George Galloway (Respect) which leave the ministers on their back feet. Apart from a few outrageous remarks it's a good read!

  • New York Times: Lower voter turnout in States that require ID
    This story is more than the headline would lead you to believe. Minorities such as Blacks and Hispanics are much less likely to vote in an ID required state than other groups. (via Ian Brown)