Links: 4-02-2007

  • Prepare for election fraud
    A searing, important piece for The Sunday Times by Sir Alistair Graham, Chairman of The Committee on Standards in Public Life who recently reported on our electoral system. The report showed that since 2001, 342 cases of electoral malpractice have been referred by the police to the Crown Prosecution Service. (Thanks Ian)

  • Tower Hamlets postal voting fraud?
    Sir Graham refers to problems in Tower Hamlets, allegations which date back to 2006. The latest news implies that there could have been something happening, but nothing clear enough for the losing candidates to risk the cost of a trial. Still, the judge, Richard Mawrey, who famously tried the Birmingham election fraud case, was not happy with the conduct of postal ballot elections.

  • Why politicians and technology should never mix
    With such a title John Naughton's Observer column could have been about e-voting, but it isn't. A good read but I don't think politicians and technology should be kept apart, particularly given the huge role technology plays in our lives. It's just that so many of our current politicians are so ill informed and often frankly uninterested. Al Gore in An Inconvenient Truth shows what could be.