The Game is Afoot!

Today the government has announced the details of the May 2007 e-voting pilots. This is two months later than the timetable outlined in the Department for Constitutional Affair's prospectus document. Strangely the prospectus document for these pilots, with that timetable, has gone offline – so here's a copy for you to download.

Fewer pilots than before
In 2003 there were 14 authorities trialling remote e-voting and 4 using kiosks. This year there will be 5 authorities using remote e-voting and 6 doing e-counting. I see none using kiosk (DRE) type machines.

Same old turnout rubbish
Minister Bridget Prentice trotted out this ripe quote:

“More and more people, and particularly young people, are using the internet everyday. We need to see if we can use this to encourage people even more to participate in the democratic process.”

These statements have no basis in facts. 2003 pilots saw turnout drop, see my previous response to Prentice's soundbites here.

Press release
Additional information [PDF]
Lord Falconer's Written Statement

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