Links: 25-11-2006 USA, Italy, UK

  • Election Problems, What Election Problems?
    USA: Bo Lipari from New Yorkers for Verified Voting provides some more pieces to the puzzle of the odd and low-key way in which voting technology problems are usually reported. Bo also has an interesting post comparing voting systems with the space shuttle

  • Some recent election results unresolved — or unresolvable?
    USA: Peter G Neumann (whose writings should be compulsory reading on all Computer Science courses) summarises the 5 U.S. House races still unresolved two whole weeks after the mid-term elections.

  • Berlusconi's party tried to rig April elections
    Italy: The BBC reports allegations in a DVD that counting software was used to change blank (spoiled) ballots to votes for Berlusconi. Mr Emanuele Lombardi, one of Italy's leading voices against e-voting, emailed me to say that he thought if fraud had occurred it would have been during the data collection stage when tallies were sent to the Ministry of Interior, not the count itself. He reports that the DVD alleges:

    1) blank ballots were about a million less than what expected by exit polls (and previous elections)
    2) Berlusconi had about a million votes more than what exit polls expected.
    3) The above were the only mistakes made by exit polls. In fact they correctely foresaw the electoral results of all the other parties.

  • We have been warned: democracy can be hacked
    UK: The official e-democracy'06 videoblogger, David Wilcox has juxtapositioned a clip of Russell Michaels, co-director of HBO's Hacking Democracy along with a clip of me making for a rather powerful post (if I do say so myself!)