Hacking Democracy

Bev Harris

I recently linked to a video called 'Votergate', a rather good 35 minute piece on the huge problems with e-voting in the US. You can watch Votergate now, but it's just a small tease compared to what the filmmakers have now produced after three and a half years of work.

'Hacking Democracy' is an 80 minute documentary film which completely lifts the lid on the corruption, fraud and ignorance surrounding e-voting in the US. Included in the film is an on-camera successful exploit of a certified e-voting machine. While for those who have followed the US developments in details, there may be few surprises, for most viewers the impact of seeing this stuff on film is going to be huge.

This film has good pedigree, one of the co-directors has produced items on e-voting for Channel 4 news and the film includes interviews with respected experts such as Avi Rubin and David Dill. Nevertheless the core of the story, without a doubt, is Bev Harris' extraordinary activism and while I haven't seen the entire film yet, I think this approach is going to humanise this technical issue very effectively.

HBO have picked up the film and will be showing on their channel before the November 7th elections in the US, a hugely political move. The film will also be shown at the Sheffield Documentary Festival.

Where to see it

USAHBO November 2nd, 9pm (link includes more about the film)

UKSheffield Documentary Festival (link also includes more about the film)
31st Oct 20.30 & 4th Nov 9.30 (co-directors Russ Michaels and Simon Ardizzone will attend this second screening)

We are working on a London screening…

UPDATE: London screening will be 6th Feb 07