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On Russian Rocks and the PM’s use of Cutting Edge Technology

It's clear to me that the Russian establishment is coming loose from its moorings. Whether delusions of grandeur, stupidity or cunning are behind their ill-advised gas interventions in the Ukraine and now Georgia – the spy rock debacle is just plain bizarre. Of course the British are spying on Russia, we never stopped. What's odd is why the Russians are bringing it up now… to distract from their gas shenanigans perhaps?

Russia is what it is – a total and utter mess.

But I really panicked when I read this from our dear PM, Tony Blair, when asked about the spy-rock:

Mr Blair said: “I only saw myself on Teletext this morning the business about Russia. I'm afraid you are going to get the old stock-in-trade 'We never comment on security matters' … except when we want to, obviously. I think the less said about that, the better.”


TELETEXT!?! We're screwed if the PM still uses that knackered old medium to stay in touch with the world. Is teletext better than anything the Number 10 boffins can whip up or do they just not know what's out there these days? Either way I'm depressed.

(Though campaigners take note, to get noticed make sure you copy your press releases to Teletext HQ).