2006 wishes doing well already

I certainly didn't expect my wish for a faster PowerBook to come so soon.

Ok it's called MacBook Pro (which doesn't have quite the same ring to it as PowerBook had) but it's fast and the FireWire ports stayed put (sorta).

Some notes: * I am irked by the loss of the FireWire 800 port as I just love my LaCie FireWire 800 disk and was about to buy a 500Gb one. I hope they at least create an ExpressCard with FireWire 800.

  • I'm not bothered by the loss of PC Card as it's a flipping ancient standard.

  • Also not bothered by slower DVD burn speed, that's hardly the slowest thing in the process when creating video.

  • I was really bugged by the loss of an old-fashioned dial-up modem. At first I just thought it undermined the roadwarrior nature of the machine. But then I had a think and realised I haven't used a dial-up modem in a year and a half so I certainly can live without one. Of course as someone who was heavily into the BBS scene and ran my own BBS I'm nostalgic to lose the modem and the lovely sounds of the connection negotiation. But that's life, constant change.

Have I ordered one? Not yet, I'm probably going to give it 3-4 months. As much of my most used software – Mailsmith, Fireworks, Office, Skype etc is not universal yet, there's no point rushing and who knows what other goodies are in the pipeline…?

P.S. I'm also holding off the iLife / iWork updates not because I don't want them but because my hard disk is nearly full and there's no point replacing if I'm trading up in 3 months.