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Watmore moves on – and up

I find it remarkable but Ian Watmore, erstwhile UK Government CIO and e-Government Unit head has gone and applied for another job and got it. From sometime in January he will be head of the Prime Minister's Delivery Unit and notionally still managerially repsonsible for the e-Government Unit.

He only started his job in September 2004, and it was a new role. To spend barely a year, and much of it finding his feet, is surprising and troubling.


  • Why was he applying for other jobs so early?
  • Why was he accepted for the position when there's so much left to be done? He's only just launched the new government IT strategy.
  • Is something going wrong which he wants to step back from?

Effectively, after having been a triumphant private sector IT manager hired into government he's moved himself out of IT into broader management. Interesting.

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