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LinuxUser columns online, here are some best bits…

I’ve been writing a column for the excellent LinuxUser Magazine for much of this year, I’ve been a contributor since 2003. For reasons I don’t quite understand they’ve had an on-off policy on archiving their content online. Personally I think if magazines like Wired and FastCompany can do it for free, there’s no reason why all magazines shouldn’t. Anyway with some arm twisting I’m happy to say all my columns will be archived online on my site here.

Here are some of my favourite bits from previous columns…

On Linux in Poland

In a country with high unemployment and low wages relative to the rest of the EU I was expecting FLOSS to play a major part in Polish digital life. I was very wrong… more

On Transport Direct

40 million quid well spent then. Once again we’ve seen the Government spend piles of good cash on not just average or bad but terrible ‘solutions’. Transport Direct is a slow, unusable, non-standards compliant site with unreliable data if you can figure out how to get to it. When such wonderful easy to use systems as Google Maps, and BaseCamp exist how can we keep pumping out such plain awful government sites? It’s time for it to stop… more

On FLOSS license incompatibilities

I get that sense that the multitude of different FLOSS licenses are blocking up the positive use of different open projects in other open works. The good intentions that go into building any freely available lump of software are based partly on the idea that others will benefit. If license incompatibilities prevent that then we are losing the key benefit of going for FLOSS in the first place… more

On Technology’s impacts

We’re all alone, floating isolated in bubbles of our technology. We’ve built ourselves cocoons of entertainment which make it easier for us to avoid meaningful relationships with other people and the world at large… more