e-voting’s next stop, Poland?

That e-voting train keeps steaming on… Press reports in Poland are discussing the possible introduction of e-voting there.

Their basic argument is that e-voting would boost turnout, which is rather odd considering that it hasn't done so anywhere else. Also what with high unemployment (20% officially) and a largely agricultural population Internet access isn't exactly rampant. Certainly Internet voting would be attractive to the large expat population, but how many of them would be eligible to vote I wonder?

Pressure is being applied for Poland to jump on the e-voting bandwagon because “the UK, Belgium, Switzerland, US and Estonia all vote via the Internet”. Not true.. They've had trials but no general elections have taken place with Internet voting. In the UK e-voting is currently dead. In the US remote e-voting is a long way off after the SERVE project was killed. Belgium uses polling place computers, not remote voting. Switzerland and Estonia have both been involved in limited testing with low usage figures.

It's bad enough having to counter false hopes over what e-voting can deliver, but when untrue claims are made about remote e-voting's prevalence one has to worry.

Press report on [Polish]
if you understand Polish the discussion at the bottom of the article is entertaining