You know mobile roaming rates are too much when…

the flipping EU gets heavy with a dedicated website to help consumers find the best rates.

The site isn't going to win any design awards but it's a serious move by the EU to try and normalise the rates. A fundamental key to the EU's economic success is ease of movement for citizens, this is hampered by the extraordinarily high fees mobile operators currently hit us when out of our home turf.

I've been hammered by T-Mobile on many an occasion, no so much in the EU was when in Dubai. Outside of the EU they even charge you for missed calls redirected to voicemail – so even if your phone is off you pay (mine was dead due to a large wave splashing in and soaking the darn thing).

Whilst the EU's site is helpful it's tough as a consumer to balance things out: T-Mobile is the cheapest in the UK for my needs (Blackberry and any network minutes) but O2 is much cheaper in the EU. Hmmm…