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New Fiction: Isis Crisis

Isis Crisis – It’s the longest piece of fiction I’ve written in ages and it’s online now.

Jerry Gordon had arrived just late enough for the biggest deal of his life to get him sweating. Massaging his moist hands into his trousers, heÂ’d waited nervously outside the absurdly sumptuous executive suite of his client. It wasnÂ’t long before a ludicrously clean-cut male assistant was navigating Jerry into the inner sanctum.

According to Word I started writing in December 2003 but the idea has been sitting in my story file for longer than that even… Odd to see how much time went in. I think it will be the last story in my ‘New Republics’ scenario for a while, I’m already working on something more current.

In the process of posting the story I updated the site’s Creative Commons license to Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 whilst putting all my fiction under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License.

I also need to rethink how I work on stories because keeping the formatting in the HTML and text versions was tricky. I know Word isn’t great but I know it so well that I don’t need to think when I type, which is rather enchanting when in the midst of a creative splurge.

View or download ‘Isis Crisis’