More coverage of the cancelled UK e-voting pilots

As the story I first noted back in August has trickled out more news outlets have covered the cancellation of the 2006 pilots.

Ms Harman said on BBC Radio 4's The World At One: “We just think that the time is not right for it (e-voting) at the moment.

“We talked to a lot of people, we listened to a lot of views including from the Conservative Party. The general consensus seemed to be that the time is not right for it at the moment.

“So we are not going ahead with the pilots that we were planning to run otherwise in the May 2006 council elections.”

Wow. Hurrah, sounds like sense won through.

  • The Independent
    Their coverage quotes a government spokesperson basically admitting that e-voting isn't ready for primetime use. The Conservatives, finally, are saying the right things about why e-voting is a bad idea too. About time, for ages I could only find LibDems and Greens saying sensible things. (I took the Harriet Harman quote above from this Indy article).
  • The Guardian
  • The Register
  • The Inquirer