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The Monastery

I thought I had been well prepared for the Monastery as several people I know were deeply involved in its creation. But none of them actually had told me what happened so I was looking forward to the first episode this week.

First, what's it about? Worth Abbey, a Benedictine monastery where I went to school and still occasionally attend mass, hosts 5 men who spend 6 weeks living as monks. These men are all not religious in a formal sense so this is throwing them in the deep end somewhat. They don't just live the monastic life, they also study a course designed by the Abbot to help them understand why the Benedictine monastic life is the way it is.

I was utterly captivated by the program. It's frankness, sensitivity to the participants and the monks as well as the deep sense of spirituality it managed to communicate is quite extraordinary. Truly wonderful television which makes paying the license fee more than worthwhile.

It's Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC2

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