notes from JK

Link Catchup

After a trip to Poland, death of the Pope and a stag night it's time to get back in the blogging saddle.

First things first, some interesting links that have been hanging around on my desktop for far too long.

  • The unceasingly excellent Phil Gyford has a great post on Boing Boing credibility and the challenges of the grey areas between amateur, semi-pro and pro in the blog world. Link
  • Over at 43 Folders there's a post that any technology consultant will sing 'Amen' to. Check out The Project Triangle

I have a huge postal vote post brewing… every time I get ready to finish it off more happens.

The General Election is pretty boring so far… and this is a junkie speaking. Still we did have the amusing doctored photo incident. This was an astonishingly stupid move by the Conservative candidate.

UPDATE: One more link I forgot to mention. Bruce Schneier's excellent analysis of the rules for electing a new Pope. Better than postal voting by a long way!