And so begins the Google backlash…

Ben Hammersley uses a piece in The Guardian to kick off the end of the media's love-in with Google. Have Google done anything wrong? No. On the other hand Yahoo! have certainly turned things around quite dramatically and compared to MSN's continuously dismal efforts they seem to be getting value for money with their investments in search.

There is a sense of inevitability to this Google backlash. Having ridden the hype curve Google had to come down. Yahoo! have been there, done that and now they are quietly delivering… rather well it seems.

What is important to note is that from everything I can see Yahoo! and Google are fundamentally different companies. Ignoring the search, context-sensitive advertising and two Os in their name and what do I see? Google is focussed on providing simple, easy, powerful access to other people's data. Yahoo! is still hell bent on producing and delivering content. As we read all those years ago, Yahoo! really do want to be a media company. Google is a tech company through and through.

So why is Yahoo! piling dollars into better search? Without a decent search it can't keep drawing consumers in front of its content, adverts and dating services. Google, relax – let Yahoo! do their thing we still love you.

UPDATE: Google fights back with Google Gulp!

UPDATE 2: John Naughton doubts Hammersley's logic…