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The Local e-democracy National Project Launch

To the Science Museum's Wellcome Wing (quite an intriguing place) for the Local e-democracy National Project's launch event. Sounds grander than it was, though I must compliment their infinite supply of succulent canapes for keeping hunger at bay.

The minister responsible, Phil Hope, was admirably held up in Parliament so we nodded appreciatively before ODPM programme manager Julian Bowrey stepped in to kick start proceedings. We then enjoyed Councillor Mary Reid pragmatic views before Prof Stephen Coleman was wheeled in for a particularly rumbustious performance of generally positive thoughts on e-democracy.

Many of the usual suspects were present from Charbel Aoun and his Accenture e-democracy crew (who helped to build the excellent new, a great new resource) to Chris Quigley's Delib team and Tom Steinberg, beaming like a proud new dad over MySociety's rosy babies.

All in all more a social catch-up then a major thought-provoker but pleasant all the same.

UPDATE: More on Coleman's energetic speech