Finally.. wifi on the Brighton to London trek

It's a relief to finally hear that there will be wifi on Brighton to London trains and stations along the way. It's been a very long time coming – being stuck at Victoria station without wifi has been feeling increasingly weird considering the wonders one can get at other train stations let alone airports, cafes, universities, hotels etc.

In fact I think I may have unintentionally beta-tested this a while back. I was doing something or other with my Powerbook just as we pulled into East Croydon station. I noticed that I hadn't turned Airport off which can be a battery drain. Just as I clicked the menu I noticed a wireless network. Curiosity led to me connecting and it worked – free wifi! Something to remember next time I'm stuck in East Croydon, I thought. Imagine my astonishment when the connection held strong as we pulled out of the station all the way to Victoria. I was so gobsmacked I mentioned it to a few colleagues none of whom had any such luck and neither have I since that day.

Unfortunately it will be a T-Mobile paid-for deal when it goes live properly. Which is ok except that T-Mobile charge their phone subscribers more per 15 minute unit than ordinary credit card users – doesn't seem right at all.