Links 2-2-2005

  • PanicGoods
    I've been building websites a very long time so it's not often that a site flabbergasts me. But Panic's new t-shirt shop is just extraordinary… drag'n'drop shopping, gorgeous icons and just fantastic simplicity. Amazing.
  • Steve Friedl's “So you want to be a consultant…?
    A very personal and thought-provoking look at being a lone consultant. Interesting for free-agents new and old.
  • Voting System Perfomance Rating
    David Chaum has been contributing to e-voting technology a very, very long time. Working with other more recent e-voting names such as Avi Rubin, Warren Slocum and Ted Selker; Chaum is setting up standardised tests for evaluating e-voting systems. It's a free-market solution to the US government agencies' failure to properly regulate voting technology. It's a welcome but not ideal development. Site