E-voting pilots, no. All-postal pilots, yes

That's basically what the Government has said in it's very very long awaited responses to the Electoral Commission's hard work.

Kable have a good summary of the situation with some extra quotes. I would love to dissect the Government's reports and report on the Kreminology of the whole affair but I'm moving at the moment and really can't spare the time. Ikea wardrobes don't build themselves you know!

The Times has a good article on the Government's obsession with boosting turnout hence their continuously trying to force postal ballots. As many of the people they quoted comment, it's a bit odd to undermine confidence in the electoral process in favour of a few extra percentage points of turnout.

Louise Ferguson has links to a Radio 4 piece on all-postal voting which I haven't had a chance to listen to but I'm sure must be good if Louise recommends it.

PublicTechnoloy has an article on the reports which leads on the need for a centralised electoral register. This project was once called LASER but now is known as CORE, if it ever happens then it will be another national ID database of sorts. Oh joy. The key point is that while e-voting is on hold CORE could re-awaken e-voting pilots once completed. Oh more joy.

The two government reponses are on the Department for Constitutional Affairs' website here and here