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TV Politics

It seems to me that in the final days of the US election TV is still where it's at.

Last night I watched the special Question Time from Miami, Florida. On the panel was an odd collection of voices from a bombastic Michael Moore to The Sun's Richard Littlejohn. But boy was it fun to watch the crowd… it was like a pantomine, Republicans booed when anyone said that Europe or the world might prefer Kerry – talk about denial. It was fun watching though nothing new really came out if it.

Watch Question Time online

There's another TV-centric story that does bring the Internet into view however. George W's 'wrinkled shirt' during the debates. Did he have a device on his back or not? It was the TV cameras who gave us the lead but it's the web pushing the story forward. The latest is Salon's report on an analysis by a NASA imaging specialist who is adamant that there was an electronic device on Bush's back. This is just such an odd story people can't help to want to know more… and it's the online sources that can do so quickly.