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Operation Clark County

The Guardian has launched a rather bizarre but very interesting project to try and ensure Kerry comes out top in the US elections. Operation Clark County is a website where visitors submit their email address and are given the address of a voter in… Clark County, Ohio. This is a highly marginal county in a highly marginal state which could be decisive in what looks to be a knife edge result. So you get the address, write the voter a letter (persuading them to vote Kerry hopefully though the Guardian doesn't say this) and more people will vote potentially.

Robin Grant expands on the project on, they've filtered out registered Democrats and Republicans from the list to increase the impact of the letters. It's a weird idea, nice use of the web but I'm a little suspicious of 'outsiders' trying to influence the election of a sovereign state. But then US politics affects the world like no other country's can at the moment. Well whatever the rights or wrongs I would love to see the faces of those Clark County voters when they open a letter from a Limey they've never met!