notes from JK

Shatner’s new album

Music and Shatner do not mix well, as anyone who has had the misfortunate to experience Kirk’s previous forays into singing will know.

But… I was tooling around on the iTunes Music Store and came across his new album, “Has Been”, whilst trying to track down Blondie and Outkast. I did a double take. My mouse pointer hovered… and I clicked.

£7.99 later and I now actually own (if you can own AAC rights-managed files) some of Shatner’s music. It’s bizarre but very strangely compelling. Ben Folds is in charge of the musical bits, Shatner talks through songs with a touching clarity and honesty which is hard to explain. Some of the tracks also have singing from artists like Aimee Mann and Joe Jackson. As a huge Mann fan (thanks to Magnolia) I had no trouble taking the plunge. Plus the first track is Pulp’s “Common People”… superb!

You may just like it… Has Been