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Going for Green: Keith Taylor blogs

One of the most stimulating things I do is advise the Green Party, especially in Brighton & Hove, on their use of the Internet. It's stimulating because unexpected things happen.

Keith Taylor is the Green Party's convenor for the group of 6 councillors they have on Brighton & Hove City council. He is also the male principal speaker for the Green Party of England & Wales. Most importantly he's the party's candidate for Brighton Pavilion, the Westminster constituency with the greatest chance of delivering the UK's first Green MP.

Keith is in his 50s, an excellent politician with a finger on the local pulse and used to be in the beer business. Keith also is currently carrying a Blackberry, two mobile phones and I just got him blogging. One of those mobile phones is so he can post pictures to his blog. His Blackberry lets him email posts to the blog and he's just loving it. His posts are combining personal, political and insider insights in just the right mix.

You can read his first week of posts at (and yes I hinted at this development with my earlier moblog photo of Keith by his PC)

With any luck this will be the first of many Green politicians I persuade to blog.