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Pro-hunt madness in Brighton

Today is the big Countryside Alliance demo in Brighton thanks to the Labour Conference (which I will report on fully real soon now). The madness has begun, around midday all roads were closed around the centre and several dead animals were found.

Yes, dead animals. A dead horse was dumped on Queens Road, the main road leading from the railway station to the sea (picture). Two dead calves were dumped by the conference centre (BBC News report). What this achieves for who is unclear. Two men have been arrested but did they want to undermine the pro-hunts people or support them?

I tried getting a picture, but didn't of a massive Countryside Alliance banner by the Clock Tower in central Brighton. Strangely as the conference delegates began arriving the banner mysteriously 'fell' off the scaffolding so that no delegates could see the message. I'm anti-hunting for sports myself but the way banners and posters have been covered up in the run-up to this conference is just appalling.

UPDATE: Some pro-hunting women have jumped in the sea half-naked. Not surprisingly this has got the interest of press photographers. More on Sky News. Thanks to Dave Walsh for most of the links in this post.