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Ben moves from ice cream to cookies

In possibly the best political communication I have ever seen online a Flash-based Ben (of Ben & Jerry’s fame) explains the size of the US military budget in terms of Oreo cookies and then shows how taking five cookies from the Pentagon’s pile could feed hungry children, fix schools, provide health cover whilst still leaving the US of A the biggest gorilla in the military world.

I’ve always found Ben & Jerry’s to be an inspirational company creating a great product though since selling to Unilever and despite the ‘green-fencing’ it’s never going to be the same. In their early days their ice cream tubs used to have great messages on them covering things like defence spending (a hot item for Ben) and rainforest protection. That’s all gone to make way for the ingredients in seven different languages.

But moving Ben from cardboard cartons to Flash has worked a treat.

You can view the animation for yourself here. Learn more about the Ben & Jerry’s story (including how Haagen Dazs/Pillsbury tried to put them out of business) in this book. Oh and I just found this fun little book by Ben too… “50 Ways You Can Show George the Door in 2004”.

One more thing, True Majority (the campaign group Ben chairs), also are working to try and stop e-voting messing things up in US elections, more on that in their Computer Ate My Vote section.