iTunes Music Store UK – I cracked

First 5 iTunes buys

I cracked… I couldn't resist any longer and I dove into the iTunes Music Store UK. I can't deny that my first five purchases are an odd selection. But that's part of the fun with the store, you end up in musical places you wouldn't suspect.

Overall it's a remarkably smooth experience. I've had a few glitches in terms of trying to access pages on the store probably because it's so busy. Yes there's lots of stuff I'd like to see online, but I'm sure they'll get there.

What I really miss is user reviews though… I found myself with a Safari window open to Amazon UK so that I could read reviews of albums as I browsed. I'm not sure why Apple chose not to include user reviews in the store… maybe it's coming or maybe they just don't want negative views to be put online next to their wares.

Let's face it though… Apple have made the music industry's massive vaporware (easy digital music) come true. We can probably thank WebObjects and the savvy realisation that iTunes was a better interface than the web browser for music buying for this new way of spending our money!