e-democ / e-gov


The irrepressible Ian Brown has pointed me to another great link, this time a wonderful Guardian comment piece by David Clark. He's singing from the same hymn book as me, technocratic changes won't change the fundamental malaise in politics. He just says it better! Definitely worth a read, it's a great essay which romps through the issue of declining participation in modern liberal democracies.

Here's a link which shows that some people are thinking about how to be tactical with their use of existing technologies for e-democracy. Barnsley council have the simple, but brilliant, idea of emailing people the results of elections as soon as they're known. You can signup here. It's not far from the idea I had a few days back where I suggested people could get emailed to remind them of upcoming elections. Hopefully Barnsley will be smart in how they use this list of emails and leverage it to other users (once having asked the people's permission of course!).