How not to introduce e-voting

Ireland really are making what can only be called a pig's ear out of introducing e-voting.

The mess just gets worse and worse. I pity the poor electoral officers who are sitting there waiting to see what they're going to be using on June 11th.

The latest developments are reported in The Irish Times, in essence the independent commission set up to assess whether the e-vote should proceed wanted legal indemnification. Without it they wouldn't approve the e-voting system. In other words the commission don't want to be sued when it all goes wrong with the e-voting because they let it go ahead under political pressure.

Surprise, surprise they got the legal indemnification from the Irish government and I think we'll see a green light (with caveats) when the report comes out in a week.

Interestingly the source code for the e-voting system is only leased to the government and some more legal jiggery-pokery was had before the commission were allowed to see the source. Now they have about a week to examine the source and write the report. No problem then.