Where’s the context?

I've been playing with RDF Site Summary (RSS) for some time. When I first tried aggregating RSS feeds I did it with a webpage (think of a mini My Yahoo!) which was ok, but a long scroll. Additionally it didn't alert me to which items were new.

So these days I'm using NetNewsWire Lite and so far, so good. It collects all the feeds quickly and I can skim through those that it highlights as unread. But still it seems best to only read blogs and such things through NetNewsWire. Why? Because there's no context for the headlines coming through. So while for a blog where there is only one 'top headline' at a time this is ok. But for something as dense as BBC News online there's a sharp contrast.

BBC New Online     Net News Wire Thumb

The screenshots show BBC News headlines in exactly the same amount of space when shown through a browser and NetNewsWire (Click the thumbnails to enlarge them). Not only does the web version pack more news links in, but it gives them context with their size, placement and pictures. Now with NetNewsWire I know the full version also shows dates in the headline listing but nothing shows me a headline's importance or relationship to other articles.

So while RSS is very useful and will continue to appear in unexpected places, I'm going to stick to reading my news in Safari.